Can play have its rightful place at work?

with Wendy Grenfell
CEO and founder Elgin Hall

Merrilee McCoy
General Manager Trash Puppets

Jhess McKnight
Creative Director Trash Puppets

Our last event in 2016 was “Can play have its rightful place at work?”. A big thank you to our presenters Wendy Grenfell (CEO Elgin Hall), and Merrilee McCoy and Jhess Knight from Trash Puppets. We had an absolutely delightful evening learning how to create puppets using nothing more than trash. What worked really well from an OD perspective was watching how people engaged their imagination to take on new challenges while sharing the experience with their colleagues. There were many aspects to this activity including problem solving, innovative thinking, process thinking, story-telling, working together and manual dexterity. This was a very pragmatic and challenging session. Lots to learn and a thoroughly enjoyable way to end the year.

Here’s what Wendy and Jhess had to say at the end of the evening…

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