mBraining and Leadership

with Helen Storr and Davia McMillian

On the evening, Helen and Davia introduced us to mBraining. mBraining was a technique established in Australia in 2013 and has been established in 23 countries.

mBraining is:
– based in science
– way of being
– a technique for self awareness

Helen and Davia introduced us to the core concept of mBraining which poses there are three brains (or intelligence’s) – our head brain, our heart brain, and our gut brain.

Intelligence               Characteristics                                  Highest Expression  
Head                           Think/perceive/mean                          Creative
Heart*                          Want/desire/feel/connectedness     Compassion
Gut                               Need/presence/identity/moved by Courage

*In leadership, we lead from the heart.

mBraining suggests that when we listen to each of these brains we are living our most healthy and congruent selves. We were taken through a technique for tapping in to each of these intelligences. Whilst the evening provided only a short taster, I could see many applications for this tool for cultural analysis, supporting team and leadership development and I’m sure you can think of your own.

We are very grateful to both Helen and Davia for coming along and introducing us to mBraining and giving our gut brain hunger for more, our head brain curious, and our heart brain feeling connected.

Here’s a little of what Helen and Davia had to say…

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