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Our 2023 Calendar of Events

At the heart of ODA are our monthly events. These are forums for learning, dialogue, collaboration and networking in an informal and experiential setting, facilitated by guests or members. And as we all bring valuable experiences to contribute, our events provide a rich source of learning. Come along to connect, share and grow!

The leadership group has been working on the calendar of events for 2023. Our recent event on Global OD Competencies with Matt Minehan from the OD network sparked a conversation around how broad our practice is, and how we can best support our community to develop. For our upcoming calendar we’ll be aligning each event with a different OD competency so you can develop and deepen knowledge skills and behaviors across the framework. More information to come shortly.



Ensure you sign up to our mailing list to get further details for each event closer to the date*.

*Topics may vary from those listed in the calendar above if required.

We have a some great events coming up that we look forward to sharing with you.

We’re hoping that the variety of format will make our events more accessible to the ODA community, and would love to hear your feedback; so if you have anything to share, please get in touch.



Wednesday, 22nd February

Deep Ecology: A lens to facilitating systems change in organisations and society 

Wednesday, 29th March

Humble Appreciation - A Tribute to Edgar Schein

Wednesday, 26th April  
Wednesday, 31st May   
Wednesday, 28th June  
Wednesday, 26th July  
Wednesday, 30th August  
Wednesday, 27th September  
Wednesday, 25th October  
Wednesday, 29th November