Culture of engagement | ODA Nov event

Nov 2023 Event Review: How do you Build a Culture of Engagement?

For our November event, we were joined by Pete Canny, our newest ODA leadership group member, to explore a framework for developing a culture of engagement that can be applied in teams and more broadly across organisations.

Pete has been working with teams and leaders for over 20 years. Pete says that he treats his work as a learner and an explorer. By paying close attention to clients and their stories, and asking questions, he started noticing certain patterns and documented them. By testing those, he has learned how good leaders think and behave. Today, we were invited to engage in a conversation about the value of engagement and to introduce a framework for developing a culture of engagement.

We talked about the essentials for establishing and maintaining a culture of engagement. At the core of this is Clear Direction – what we do, how we do it, and how we are.  These are supported by the other facets of the framework, which are Inclusion, Healthy Relationships, Ongoing Interaction and Support.

We were asked to think about what enables and what detracts or minimises the culture of engagement.

We learnt that despite the busyness and perhaps because of it, as leaders or consultants, we need to deal with the challenge of making the time for strategy, appreciating the complexity, and taking the time to listen and understand the people we work with.

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