Footy Fever Hit ODA!

With Chyloe Kurdas,
Female Football Development Manager, AFL.
Continuing on our theme for 2016 “Modern workplace fit for purpose” Chyloe Kurdas, Female Football Development Manager at the AFL, spoke on creating meaningful and lasting cultural change by addressing gender bias and imbalance. With such a unique insight as Female Development Manager within a male dominated industry, we were curious to hear Chyloe’s understanding of the successes that can follow when an organisation faces up to the realities and impacts of gender in the workplace and community.
Chyloe spoke with a predominately narrative style and we were privileged to hear about her origins, attraction to ALF, sense of community, sense of social justice and of her personal development journey from a naturally shy and reactive individual to a confident natured person willing to take on establishments with entrenched biases and views.
All of these aspects naturally brought meaning to the work she does now. This set the scene for a world in which Chyloe saw the largely binary nature of gender within society and wasn’t willing to settle for. Chyloe has bravely challenged stereotypes and ensured women’s football has not only made the agenda, but has now exploded. Given this was no mean feat, we were keen to hear what Chyloe attributed as her success to.
Chyloe’s tips for creating lasting change:
  • Engage people’s hearts and minds – motivate those who want to come with you by sharing your truth
  • Sit in your empathy – Chyloe could not have done what she has without an understanding for the pain and suffering for all people, no matter what ‘side’ of the story
  • Call it out for what it is – be authentic. If something doesn’t sit right, say so.
  • Engage critical partners to stand up – they have an important story to tell and you need all the help you can muster
  • Grow your own people and establish a growth mindset – mentor, mentor, mentor! Chyloe has developed a fantastic succession plan for her coaches. This will see her female coaches finding top positons in years to come!
  • Process over outcomes – if you tick all the boxes along the way, you will get the result!


Hearing Chyloe speak I was touched by her authenticity and transparency. She inspired me to live more authentically, both personally and professionally and have the courage to stand up for what I believe in. It was a pleasure to attend the evening and be a part of Chyloe’s journey and hear a story of someone beating the odds and just plain ol’ giving what you believe in a go!


Reflection by Louise Moxom

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