Fit for Purpose? A panel exploration of the modern workplace

This was another great event. While we expected a lively discussion, the nature of it allowed a very open and engaging conversation in which we considered what a “fit for purpose” purpose actually meant. The process was as enjoyable as the content!

Key questions included:
1. What is the purpose of the workplace?
2. What does ‘fit’ mean?
3. What is the purpose of work and life in relation to it?
4. What are organisations trying to achieve?
5. What and whose purpose are we talking about?

The last question became a key touchpoint for most of the conversation as we tried to understand what ‘fit for purpose’ meant.

Key thoughts as we considered the future of OD and fit for purpose workplaces included:
1. Making the workplace fit for purpose is the work of OD!
2. The importance of OD ensuring that people continue to be valued as human beings as the world of work moves toward a reliance on algorithms to make business decisions i.e. object v. subject
3. The importance of creating transitional and reflecting ‘space’ for people when moving from the ‘here to the desired’ to create engagement and change
4. Relatedness and connectedness as being at the core of fit for purpose workplaces
5. The ability to have people who are able to cope with constant transformation
6. The importance of systems as the glue or centre of future work and organisations v. structure and roles
7. The fear of not being in control – what makes people in fear of not being in control?

Again, we raised more questions and issues than we could address but it was the opportunity to do that along with an intriguing topic and great panel members that made this event so enjoyable and thought provoking.

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