April 2024 Event Review: An Immersive Learning Circle with Peter Block and Bill Brendel

Our April ODA event featured Peter Block & Bill Brendel and focused on the value of Immersive Learning Circles. To appreciate the value of these, we explored a case study which illustrated the process in context. The process and the small group conversation were rich and stimulating, leaving us in a generative state of reflection and contemplation about what is possible when we include all parties in learning.

Fair to say that all of us who participated were thrilled to be in the presence of Peter Block. As a statesperson in the OD space, Peter didn’t disappoint. He challenged our thinking, prompted reflection and stretched our boundaries with his questions and insights. He invited us through his questions to put our attention onto what works, what matters, and the way learning is structured. We were left pondering the relationship between freedom & accountability, what works and what matters.

In case you’re wondering, “We believe that what works and what matters are one and the same.” – Peter Block

~~ Pete Canny – LG member

“What an amazing start to 2024 we are having at ODA! Wow! And so much still to come.”

~~ Participant feedback