Graeme Mitchell

Graeme Mitchell

Biographical Info As an organisational consultant Graeme advises senior management in large, medium and small businesses on organisational design, leadership, capability and performance including interpersonal skills. In the past 10 years he has worked with a range of organisations in the resources, manufacturing, rural, industrial, financial and government sectors. Graeme’s passion is in building successful and positive organisations through capable, values-based leaders who embrace the social, commercial and technical aspects of their businesses to achieve strategic objectives. This means creating the necessary conditions for others in the business to succeed by having a coherent organisation structure, clear roles and role relationships as well as effective systems aligned to the business’ purpose. Graeme’s expertise is in creating the capability in others to achieve their organisation’s purpose. This operates at both a conceptual and practical level so that where business and personal performance is not meeting expectations, leaders are able to intervene knowing that what and how they respond will work at both a practical and individual level, and yet is based on tested, robust theory. At an individual level people have the confidence that leaders behave fairly and with integrity whilst at an organisational level decisions are made in the best interests of the business and people who work in it.

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