Oct 2023 Event Review: Rediscovering Remarkable – A Case Study

For our October event, we explored an organisational case study shared by David Greig (CEO) and Kate Barlow (CPO) of Australian not-for-profit health insurance and care provider. 

David joined GBHBA as CEO in the midst of the COVID pandemic, at a time when the organisation was struggling to perform. David, Kate and their executive team led the organisation through a transformation to bring the organisation back to growth. 

In embarking on the change, David rejected the idea of the burning platform, that fear is the only mobilising force. His experience suggested that people show up intrinsically motivated and ready to enjoy the journey, and he used that as a foundation of the change. 

Kate shared how the team approached the change, to harness the culture of care and compassion to drive performance. They developed guiding principles for the change that aligned with the organisational values and culture, and they could connect decision-making back to throughout the process. 

Throughout the change, they built on the strong, foundational culture of care and compassion that was an organisational strength and drove a high-performance mindset, enabling people to be their best and drive the organisation forward. 

David and Kate shared with us their challenges, learning and insights and responding to our curious questions about this transformation in action. 

As OD practitioners, we know that people and performance aren’t two different ends of a spectrum, as David highlighted in his discussion, it’s a quadrant and you can be high in both. I very much enjoyed the opportunity to explore an organisational success story that so clearly illustrates this. 

Danielle Jacobson