March 2018 – Power Intelligence

Power Intelligence® and the Core Competencies of Power

Our March special event was held in collaboration with International Coach Federation  – Victoria.  Both ICF Vic and ODA support their members in their work; ICF Vic by promoting credibility, visibility and growth and ODA by helping them to connect, share and grow. We were lucky enough to have Julie Diamond, author, leadership coach and consultant, facilitate a session on power. Julie was visiting Australia from the US to promote her new book Power: A Users Guide, and certification in Power Intelligence.

Julie guided us to explore the nature and forms of power, and introduced us to three key traps and hacks to using power effectively. We considered how our personal use of power not only changes us, but also the people around us. We wrapped things up by thinking about our own experiences of how power plays out in coaching and consulting practice. The session provided an enjoyable and practical insight into a fascinating topic that impacts all areas of our lives and work.

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