July 2023 Event Review: Australia at the Cross-Roads: Truth, Treaty & Voice

For our very special July event we were joined by Angela Rodaughan, Phee Alexander, Kathryn Sullivan and Kiri Tawhai and for a discussion about Australia at the Cross-Roads: Truth, Treaty & Voice. 


It was terrific to spend time with Angela, Phee, Kathryn and Kiri, who engaged us with such generosity, graciousness and inclusivity. They shared insights into their experience of being Aboriginal, particularly in this year of the Voice referendum.  They opened the space to the group and, in Kathryn’s words, took away the eggshells to allow us to have an open conversation about these deeply important topics and the role we can play as OD practitioners in our organisations and more broadly. We listened, shared, asked questions, pondered, and explored how we can face our fear and complacency, and find opportunities to connect with the human experience. 


In this very important year, when Australians are tasked with making a decision that impacts the future of our first peoples, I deeply appreciated the opportunity to take this time to consider how I can use the compassion inherent in OD practice to support not just organisational change but societal change. Thank you, Angela, Phee, Kathryn and Kiri. 


Here are some of the resources links shared by our guests and attendees:


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