July 2018 – Decision Making with Colourgrid

“How do you go about your work? How do you make up your mind? And how is that working for you and your organisation?”

This was engaging and thought provoking from the get-go. Led by Dr Colin Benjamin (Benji) and supported by Jose Perea, Michael Walmsley and Andrew Aitken from Gooroo, Benji took us through our individual Colourgrid results which revealed our different thinking patterns.

More importantly, we were led through a different way of thinking about thinking, and about collaborating. The material that Benji presented was extremely rich and practical, especially when we undertook a specific collaboration activity.

As Michael said, “Imagine what would be possible if we all approached decisions, and in particular the massive implications of organisational development with more collaborative thinking, based on extensive science, particularly with the increasing rate of technology driven change and turbulence.”  Certainly, with the model and tools we were exposed to this night, OD practitioners would be better equipped to make the impact on organisations they seek.

A snippet from the thought provoking session with Dr. Colin Benjamin:

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