future of OD

February Event Review – What is the future of OD?

Helen Hovenga has supported many organisations to drive performance and navigate change by empowering and energising people.

For our first event of 2021, Helen led us to consider the future of OD and our role in it.

Helen shared with us many of her learnings from being an OD professional, and how they will support a positive future for OD. Helen was extremely generous in sharing not only her experience, but also the resources that have inspired and supported her throughout her career.

For me, one of the most impactful moments of the workshop was when Helen asked us to consider what we may need to unlearn to grow in our OD practice. Had I been asked what thought I may need to learn, I could have reeled off a long list, as there is so much of interest out there. But the question of what I might need to unlearn took much deeper consideration. I reflected on it further after the session which led to some really helpful insights that I look forward to applying in my practice in 2021 and beyond.


Danielle Jacobson

ODA President