Expressions of Interest for NIODA Consulting Opportunity!

Monday 9 to Friday 13 November 2020

NIODA Master of Leadership and Management students undertake a small consultancy in your organisation across a week.

You will be asked to specify a presenting issue and be available (or have those connected to the issue be available) to engage with a small team of student consultants in a brief (3-4 day) consultancy.  This involves meeting with the student team on the afternoon of Monday 9 November and as negotiated over the following three days. The issue needs to be something within the realm of organisation behaviour/management (not a specialist, technical issue) that is real yet graspable within the limited time available. As examples; this may be support for team development, exploration of a cultural issue, or related to the impact of the COVID environment.

All consultation activities will take place online across zoom. NIODA has had great success this year with online classrooms, online consulting and online action research and are confident in this platform for consultancy. The student-consultants will alternate on zoom between the site, your organisation and the classroom. They have about two and a half days (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) to work with the client, your organisation and the same amount of time as ‘students’ in the classroom exploring how they are using their prior learning to tackle the issue.

NIODA has had great success this year with online classrooms, online consulting and online action research.

This experience of consultation is supported by classroom activities with Professor John Newton, Dr Nuala Dent and Ms Helen McKelvie and consolidates their learning across subjects.

We anticipate that students will be able to contribute usefully to your organisation’s development.  Please note, all NIODA students are mature aged, experienced professionals who work in leadership and management roles.

In previous years, these are the sort of consulting projects students have undertaken:

– How to enhance ‘collaboration’ and foster a shared cultural understanding between teams and the rest of the organisation?
– Supporting a Human Resources department to reposition itself within the organisation to ensure strong support services: guidance, best practise HR, coaching and mentoring.
– Enhancing the quality of communication between administration staff, management staff and service delivery teams.
– Working with a People and Culture Group to support a culture which encourages reflective space for thinking. Identification of the barriers that prevent reflective space and the actions that can be taken to build this capacity.

It may also be that your organisation would benefit from thinking even more about the impact of COVID 19 and what could be carried forward for your organisation from the learning from this year.

There is no financial cost to your organisation.

If you have something in mind, I urge you to take advantage of this opportunity. Please get in touch asap to discuss.

Dr Nuala Dent
Subject Co-ordinator and Teaching Lead
Systems Psychodynamic Consulting, NIODA
0412 353 653