“Dialogue in the Dark”: Tuesday, 28th August 2018 at Harbour Town Melbourne, L1, Docklands (opp. Artvo Gallery) from 5:30pm to 8:30pm.

“Dialogue in the Dark” is a sensory journey set in total darkness and will be facilitated by Glenda Hutchinson (ODA Lifetime Member). As a workshop participant, you’ll spend approximately two hours in the dark. You’ll face a series of unpredictable and exciting challenges based on your goals as a group. Each challenge prompts you to think outside the box: how to deal with your fears and discomfort and support others, develop trust and teamwork, experience ambiguity and make it work for you and others. This experience challenges you to take a fresh look at your leadership style. Leadership without a key sense? You’ll have to embrace the challenge to find out!


A Dialogue in the Dark workshop involves three parts:

  1. Introduction: Your group is prepared for entry into the workshop space with some basic rules for moving around in the dark. You slowly enter the space.
  2. Challenge the darkness together: Your group will embrace a series of tasks and challenges.
  3. After-dark analysis: You’re invited to discover the effect of the group’s experience in a facilitated discussion.


Note: The event is limited to 24 places and will be held at Harbour Town Melbourne, Level 1, opposite Artvo Gallery, Dockland; we will not be at Graduate House. The event must start on time so entry after 5.30pm will not be possible. Parking is available in nearby public car parks.