“Developing better organisations through the practice of OD”

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What Is ODA?

ODA is an association of professionals actively contributing to the development of humane and effective workplaces through a focus on organisational development.

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Who Is ODA For?

Our members and visitors come from all sorts of fields, backgrounds and roles. We have managers, business owners, students, HR & OD people, L&D people, CEO's, community workers..

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Special Event Workshop & ODA October Event

Tuesday, 28th October 2014

Standing at the Threshold: The Future of OD Is Now

This highly interactive session offers an intimate opportunity to explore the future of OD with Dr David Drake. He will share highlights from recent presentations at places like Google in Silicon Valley that offer glimpses into where the field is heading, particularly in terms of leadership development and change.

The workshop will be run like one of his Narrative Design Labs in that the frameworks you learn will be used for the design of the session itself. For example, we will meet in a circle and emphasize socially supported yet self-directed learning as part of a broader DIYT (Do It Yourself Together) philosophy.

The October ODA Event will follow the workshop with Dr Drake:

It’s Time for a New Story About Change: A Glimpse into the Future of OD

This session will provide a deeper look into the theories that have gone into narrative design and integrative development and some provocative propositions about the future of OD.

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