“Developing better organisations through the practice of OD”

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What Is ODA?

ODA is an association of professionals actively contributing to the development of humane and effective workplaces through a focus on organisational development.

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Who Is ODA For?

Our members and visitors come from all sorts of fields, backgrounds and roles. We have managers, business owners, students, HR & OD people, L&D people, CEO's, community workers..

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Time to Speak Out

Wednesday, 25 November, 2015

What are the OD messages that are needed to be heard?

Facilitators: Richard Lawton and Mary Ferguson

As 2015 draws to a close, we can’t help but think about where we have been and what we have accomplished. For OD practitioners our path typically leads us to challenge the status quo. In a world increasingly filled with great disruptions to the way business has always been done, the human perspective is crucial.

So how do we speak up? How do we voice this human perspective in a way that will be heard? What are the key messages that aren’t being heard? What stands in the way of them being heard? How much does getting your message across depend on your personal presence? Can gravitas be learned?

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    Come along and contribute to the strengthening of the voice of OD in Australia with Richard Lawton and Mary Ferguson at our final event for 2015. We want to celebrate 2015 with you! - President, OD Australia Graeme Mitchell
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