Ron Laurie

Ron Laurie

Biographical Info Ron is a highly skilled facilitator who is regarded by many as an exemplar in the field of corporate facilitation. This comes from over 20 years of successfully facilitating leadership development and organisational transformation programs. He has facilitated over 2,000 workshops amounting to over 16,000 hours of facilitation experience. In addition to this he is a certified executive coach and has logged over 2,000 hours working with C-Suite level executives in SME and corporates. He is highly respected and widely appreciated for his engaging style and his ability to unlock leadership potential to positively impact personal and organisational growth. Ron has been involved in several large scale leadership transformation initiatives, including: providing an extensive and specialized leadership development program for over 3,000 leaders in the telecommunications sector over a 3 year period and a multi-tiered management and leadership program for a national organization of over 100,000 employees in a 5+ year ongoing cultural transformation program. He has worked internationally in the ASEAN Region and with leading Tech companies in the USA. Ron also facilitates a large-scale simulation experience called We R One World, involving the active participation of over 100 participants in a dynamic exploration of world issues, trends and challenges in today’s global environment. Ron is a Director of INTEG Solutions where he has been pioneering applications of Integral Theory and Formal Axiology meta-models for 20 years. From these models he has designed and facilitated programs for government, education, manufacturing, telecommunication, IT, construction, sport, consulting, health and film industries/sectors. His facilitation approach seeks to explore the interplay of awareness, thought & action in the development of leadership capacities as leaders navigate the tensions of working and leading in complex and uncertain environments.

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