October Event with Tiffany Gray

My Mindset and Me: Making the Unconscious Conscious
October 24, 2017

Well, what an enlightening evening we had with Tiffany! Changing mindset has to be one of, if not the most difficult, task OD practitioners face. Whether it be persuading a client (internal or external) of the need for a particular intervention, convincing an individual about the need for a different approach to a problem, or, ‘worst’ of all, that their own behaviour may be at issue, changing mindset often appears insurmountable.

In this session, Tiffany introduced us to ‘iMIND’, a methodology she developed based on her years of experience in the OD field, particularly in neuroscience. Tiffany pointed out the issues around habitual and survival behaviours that can inhibit the decision-making process and one’s ability to move to a different mindset. Working in pairs and then in larger groups, we had the opportunity to practice Tiffany’s approach and whilst not becoming too expert in such a short time, the value of ‘iMIND’ became obvious. What a great learning experience!

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