October 2018 – Organisational Dynamics

Growing Collaboration & Organisational DynamicsODA Member and Deputy CEO of NIODA, Brigid Nossal, presented a very interactive session on Growing Collaboration & Organisational Dynamics: An Organisational Role Analysis Approach.

Organisational Role Analysis (ORA) is a process designed to develop insight and understanding by considering role as the intersection of the person in role, the system and the broader context. Brigid shared her in depth experience of ORA and how it can be used to better understand challenges within organisations.

We then had the opportunity to apply systems thinking and organisational role analysis to a real world problem. Working in small groups we used a four step process to collaboratively explore a problem to allow for deeper understanding.

• Step 1. Problem presentation
• Step 2. Systemic Analysis
• Step 3. Systemic Reflection
• Step 4. Individual Reflection

In reflecting on this practical activity the group agreed that it created space and time for deeper understanding and focused on exploration rather than jumping to solution.

Thanks to Brigid for such an insightful and practical session.