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May Event Review: It’s all in the design – Workshop experiences that engage and deliver

For our May event, facilitator, mentor, writer and speaker Jacinta Cubis led us through a fun and practical discussion on how to design workshop experiences that engage and deliver.

Engaging and delivering results is about getting your audience involved and having fun, while achieving the session outcomes. We discussed the value of planning, and the balance between a tight script and flexible delivery. Jacinta shared her facilitation principle that ‘purpose is your bouncer’. Emphasising the importance of being clear on purpose, and staying connected to it during design and delivery.

Many of us spend more time than ever facilitating online. A lot of the methods we relied on to run engaging in-real-life sessions don’t translate easily. Jacinta demonstrated different ways we can connect online audiences by engaging the auditory, visual and kinaesthetic – all without a slideshow.

Jacinta truly modelled her message, which made for session that scored high in both engagement and results.


Danielle Jacobson
Leadership Group