Getting Better Together: Enabling Collaboration and Learning for Success Michael King

ODA February 2016Our 2016 calendar is a series of exciting events each of which will ponder, from a unique perspective, a question which is at the heart of OD; is the modern workplace fit for purpose? What is its effect on us, and is it working?

In February we were privileged to have Michael King from Quality Learning Australasia to begin this conversation for us.

Michael’s work focusses on quality improvement and he has spent much of his career working in education, helping schools and school systems to improve learning by learning to improve.

The approaches Michael shared are just as relevant in other workplaces, or any environment in which we want to motivate people to succeed, and give them the tools that will best support them to do so.

Following Michael’s interactive, informative and thought-provoking session we asked him a couple of questions about how his experience in schools addresses the question of whether the workplace is fit for purpose…

Have a look at what Michael had to say...

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