Authentic conversations to create the space for change

Co-hosted workshop by ODA & ICF

We have had great feedback about this event. Janet Sernack did a great job introducing us to a process (developed by her) that created the pathway to having an authentic conversation. The process, whilst originally designed around coaching, is certainly not limited to just that situation. Having had the opportunity on the night to “play” with the process, it became obvious that there would be many work situations in which one could use Janet’s model to genuinely engage with others.

Some key behaviours we discovered for successfully using the process, included:

  • Suspending moving into solution mode and instead explore possibilities
  • Being comfortable in the space of not knowing
  • Being present and self-prepared
  • Suspending one’s ego
  • Using clear language

A big thank you to Janet & Sam Patterson from ICF, and Danielle Jacobson from ODA who facilitated the night. Slides from the presentation are in the Members section of our website.

Janet discusses a little about the process in the video below:


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